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A tour like no other. An authentic experience. I have joined more than 5 times myself.

Towil, from Towilfiets will introduce you to the life in the villages in in the area of Sentolo, in Yogyakarta. He will take you to enjoy the cycling tour around the village, biking on the countryside road from one village to another.

Towilfiets comes from the word Towil, the name the founder. Fiets in Dutch means bikes, simple vehicle which are healthy and ecofriendly.

Guests will have a chance to look closely the daily activities of the villagers. For example, how to make tempe from soybean, it is still wrapped in the banana leaves. You can also join in these interesting activities, fell free to take pictures, learn the process of making traditional tempe and interact directly with the tempe maker. There is also a unique process of making ketupat, it is wrapped in the young coconut leaves or janur. You can observe how to weave the wrap, fill it with rice until the final process when it is ready to eat.

The agricultural area stretches widely along the journey. There are various planting seasons; such as rice, corn, chili, green beans, peanuts, sugar cane, crops, etc. You can join the rice harvest, rice plant, or pull out the grass from the field. It is the magnet of the agrarian activities of all farmers at the village. The traditional weaving process is also still available in the village. The result is in a form of stagen. Weaving becomes one of the activities to get additional income of the villagers. It has been going on for decades till today. The guests can also learn how to weave stagen. Some schools are also active during the school hours. The guests may watch the learning activities of the students in the classroom; such as drawing, coloring, dancing, singing, writing, etc. You can also involve in those learning activities. Another route to choose is biking along the edge of the irrigation which irrigates the rice fields. The water canal is still a series with Mataram ditch which irrigates the agricultural area in Yogyakarta.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Menoreh Hills, Merapi Mountain, rice fields, and last but not least the culture of the villagers are the complement to the real life at the village.

What you need to know:
- Booking via can be made at least 2 days before the tour
- The tour lasts for approximately 2.5 - 3 hours (relaxed and flexible) starting from 08.00 am or at 15.00 pm.
- You need to arrange your own way to reach Towil's house.
- We provide mineral water and traditional snacks.
- The tour fee includes lunch or dinner depending on the requested time slot.
- We prepare the old bikes with many famous brands; such as Gazelle, Fongers, Batavus, BSA, Triumph, Humber, Reliegh, Magnet, etc.
- The guide who accompany the guests speaks English. We prepare one guide for one group or family. Therefore, surely it becomes a private and exclusive tour.
- At the end of the tour we prepare some tea, coffee, fruits and local snacks.
- Please email us for a complete info and tour price. Our team is available all the time to answer your inquiries.